AM Auto (North America)

Trade Supplier of Automotive Glass & Windows

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Based in the state of Virginia we distribute products across North America. Many of our clients produce standard window designs and therefore require a reliable supply of standard models. We design and manufacture windows to specification.

We currently supply many different types of automotive glass, and we can supply to most specifications. All our glass is chip free and machined to the best tolerances available.

Our company address is: AM Auto North America, 1349 Mill Dam Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Supply Control

For some of our clients the availability of products is critical to their business model; and that's why we take supply control very seriously. We hold existing contracts with clients where we are contractually obligated to guarantee supply.

Where supply is critical we can hold safety stocks, which gives our clients complete peace of mind.

Quality Control

All our products are rigorously tested to meet our clients' high standards. We can supply raw material specification certificates and sample tests for every production batch if required. From experience we've learnt to work closely with our clients to clearly define the quality expectation levels from the outset.